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Materials Zip Tight, RipStop, vinyl coated nylon, Sunbrella, 200 Denier Nylon, pack cloth, mylar, sail cloth.
Fabrication Zip Tight, velcroe, webbing, sewable plastic, zippers, foam padding, cables, buckles, hooks, cordage.
Design & Development Zip Tight, CAD drawings, flexible procuction schedules, creative custom design.
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Welcome to ZipTight™ sewing contractors, custom sewing, and custom design product line.

Currently Available

»Security covers for mall pushcarts, kiosks, RMU (Retail Merchandising Units) units,
»Porous wind screens, weather screens, and shade canopies for arenas, ball fields, tennis courts, sports complexes, driving ranges, playgrounds, horse arenas, etc.
»Stage draping for indoor and outdoor stages
»Stage backdrops
»Roofs for outdoor stages
»Landscape ground cover
»Padded and non-padded cases and dust covers for music equipment, speakers, stands, etc. 
»Fire rescue and police equipment
»Bungee sport equipment
»Parasails (ascending parachutes for the boat) and parasail repairs
»Sport body harnesses; race car/stock car equipment
»Awnings (indoor and outdoor)
»Statute unveiling covers
»Billboard unveiling covers
»Large flags
»Automotive aftermarket sewed goods
»Outdoor patio covers
»Swimming pool covers
»Storage bags
»Carrying case for stand-up paddles
»Collapsible portable storage units 
»Constructions sites
»Weather resistant covers for damaged roofs
»Tree harnesses for landscape businesses
»Trade show displays, pet products like harnesses, collars,  leashes, beds & MORE!

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