Welcome to ZipTight™, Custom Design & Sewing

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Welcome to ZipTight™ sewing contractors of custom sewing, custom design and manufacturing, specializing in the design and manufacturing of commercial sewing and industrial sewing needs such as you desire in a safety harness, lockable fabric security covers for shopping centers, malls, cart and kiosk manufacturers, retail stores and outlets, airports, automotive companies; anywhere that has an RMU, Kiosk, concession, or any type of display that need to be secured, we can custom design a ZipTightâ„¢ security cover to fit your industrial sewing or commercial sewing needs.

We offer unique repair services. If we can get a needle through it, we can sew it and repair it with same or nearly similar materials.

ZipTight™ patent pending, provides that extra measure of security you want in locking security covers when dealing with sewing contractors. We have a diverse product line ranging from lockable toolbox covers and lockable security covers to awnings, banners and parasails to name just a few of our products which may also be custom designed with your logo and colors.

Thousands of satisfied customers since 1983!

Product Line

ZipTight™ provides and does repair as well as custom sewing; offering a diverse product line including:

  • Security covers for mall pushcarts, kiosks, RMU (Retail Merchandising Units)
  • Porous wind screens, weather screens, and shade canopies for arenas, ball fields, tennis courts, sports complexes, driving ranges, playgrounds, horse arenas, etc.
  • Stage draping for indoor and outdoor stages
  • Stage backdrops
  • Roofs for outdoor stages
  • Landscape ground cover
  • Padded and non-padded cases and dust covers for music equipment, speakers, stands, etc.
  • Fire rescue and police equipment
  • Bungee sport equipment
  • Parasails (ascending parachutes for the boat) and parasail repairs
  • Sport body harnesses; race car/stock car equipment
  • Awnings (indoor and outdoor)
  • Statue unveiling covers
  • Billboard unveiling covers
  • Large flags
  • Banners
  • Signage
  • Automotive aftermarket sewed goods
  • Outdoor patio covers
  • Swimming pool covers
  • Storage bags
  • Carrying case for stand-up paddles
  • Collapsible portable storage units
  • Constructions sites
  • Weather resistant covers for damaged roofs
  • Tree harnesses for landscape businesses
  • Trade show displays, pet products like harnesses, collars, leashes, beds & MORE!