Malls & Shopping Center ZipTight™ Products

ZipTight™ custom sewing, custom design, has serviced the shopping center and malls market “behind the scenes” for better than two decades. ZipTight™ specializes in OEM manufacturing of security covers for kiosk, push carts, RMUs (retail merchandising units). We have been in this business since the 80’s when these types of units were first invented. Thus, we invented this security measure and pioneered the security cover business. We have the security cover plans for most all of the carts made over the years for just about every Cart/RMU/Kiosk manufacturer. The security covers we designed were supplied with all new kiosks, carts and RMUs upon initial delivery of these units to the malls.

So, chances are that the covers you have on your kiosks, carts and RMUs are ZipTight™ security covers. We have all of the original specifications to make these covers accurately fit all units. And if we do not have the plans for your units, we can easily design from your plans or by you supplying a few simple measurements. Replacement covers have never been so easy!

Plus, we repair all types of security covers whether we built them or not. We offer “lightening fast” turnaround and most repairs are shipped the same day we receive them.

Additional Products We Offer Malls

  • Awning repairs or replacements
  • Gate covers (adjustable or fitted) for space recovery
  • Window blackouts for vacant spaces
  • Banners, flags
  • Decorations
  • Other various items, just about anything we can get a needle through

If you are in doubt about our sewing capabilities meeting your needs, please call and just ask. Our experienced staff would be glad to assist you or refer you to help you solve your problem. We can also work directly with your individual clients within your facility who may have specific or unique needs. Please feel free to refer them directly to us.

New Mall Security Covers for Carts/RMUs/Kiosk

We should have all of the master design plans for most any cart/RMU/Kiosk as we have built so many over the years for practically every cart/RMU/Kiosk manufacturer. If not, we can tell you what few simple measurements we need and we can figure out the dimensions quite easily. Or, you can email or fax us a set of plans for the unit and we can design from there.

Normally, we can build to any quality level to match your budgets. There are many fabric and fabrication choices, plus we have our standard offerings as well. Our standard offerings are the original factory spec which is the original security covers you received when the carts were new. Usually, cost depends on features, fabrication and size of unit so it is best to call us and we will give you a wholesale quote for your approval. New construction of a cover typically takes just a few days for you to receive it as we can respond very quickly after you order.

Our standard colors are grey and white. We can also provide these covers in just about every color of the rainbow to match any mall decorating or design scheme. Fabrics can vary to your spec as well. For instance we have constructed covers our of spandex, vinyl coated nylon (“tent fabric”), 200 or 400 denier nylon, ripstop nylon, pack cloth, oxford, fleece backed vinyl, etc. Custom colors and fabrics can take a few more days to complete as we will purchase these special fabrics just to complete your order.

We also build security covers for kiosks with individual or connected display cases to hold such items as jewelry, sunglasses and gift items. Additionally, we offer covers for cash wraps and small merchandise stands for such items such as accessories, newspapers, magazines or hats/caps.

Mall Security Cover Repairs

We can replace zippers (we use only premium YKK Zippers), patch holes, rebuild seams, replace cables, Velcro, replace grommets, snaps, webbing, re-sew thread, D-rings, plastic, snap hooks, etc. We make both major and minor repairs. If the repair turns out to be extensive and approaches the cost of a new build we will obviously advise you that a replacement of the cover rather than repair is the most cost effective decision.

Usually zipper replacement is a fairly inexpensive repair and patches can range in cost from minor to major depending on the size, location and complexity. We also replace cables and just need the measurement of the old cable for a tight fit. Just send the covers in and we will be glad to give you a quote before we begin the repair.

What To Expect

After we receive your covers and before we begin each repair, you will be called to approve the overall cost. At that time we will also inform you as to turn around time and when you will have the units back in your hands. We offer “lightening fast turnaround” as our normal policy is, “what comes in for repair today goes back out today”. As long as we can get a hold of you immediately for approval of the cost and our production schedule permits, we usually have no problem in same day or at least next day turnaround. Or, you can approve us up to a certain amount per cover and the repair process will be automatic. We can ship the covers to multiple mall locations per your direction. We ship FedEx and can go ground or air per your request.

Our quality is unsurpassed and we stand behind everything we sell or service. We have more than 20 years of experience in this industry and can handle all of your repairs. Our goal is to make this exchange as quickly and as “pain-free” as possible. We will be glad to make a quote based on your needs. Just give us a call and we can generally make a wholesale quote right over the phone.

We appreciate the trust you put in ZipTight™ and look forward to servicing all of your security cover needs. We are the experts in the business so rest assured that the repairs and new covers will be on time and to your satisfaction.