Fabrication at ZipTight™, Custom Design & Sewing

At ZipTight™custom sewing, custom design, we have developed a reputation in the industry as the “kings and queens” of fabrication. Our clever, experienced staff can suggest fabrication ideas to make your products easy for us to produce, cost effective for you and user friendly from a ergonomics (human factors) standpoint.

Some of the most common fabricating items we specialize in are:

  • grommets (all sizes, flat or spur washers, brass or nickel)
  • webbing (1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”)
  • buckles
  • velcro
  • mesh
  • zippers
  • snaps
  • foam padding
  • sewable plastic
  • hooks
  • metal cables
  • cordage & more

Since we are located in the central U.S. we have many locally available goods as this market is a regional distribution point for much trade. Freight savings due to our location are passed along to the client.


Although it seems we build a lot of large, light-weight items, we all build many large and small heavy weight items as well with large and small runs. We generally have stock of the following materials in various colors.

  • Ripstop nylon (UV coated, non-UV coated, porous or non-porous, flame retardant (FR) or non-flame retardant (FR)
  • Vinyl coated Nylon “tent fabric” (white, black are usually stocking colors) in 12 oz. and 14 oz. in flame retardant (FR) and non-flame retardant (FR)
  • Sunbrella or similar marine grade “canvas” style fabric for awnings or other shade structures, flame retardant (FR) or non-flame retardant (FR)
  • 200 Denier Nylon, many colors either flame retardant (FR) or non-flame retardant (FR)
  • Pack cloth, various colors
  • Sail cloth
  • Cordura
  • Mylar (clear plastic)

Other Specialty Items

  • Closed cell foam for padding (rolled or sheeted)
  • Sheeted plastics (4’ X 8’ or other sizes)
  • Mesh
  • Velcro
  • Taping (ribbon)
  • Vinyl coated cables
  • Webbing (1” to 6” “sling” webbing), nylon and polypropylene
  • Grommets (flat, spur, brass, nickel, most sizes up to #8 -2”)
  • Zippers, chain & pre-cut, black, white with metal or plastic zipper pulls
  • Cordage – single braid or double braided (braid on braid cordage) many different diameters, colors and break strengths
  • Snaps, Snap hooks & "D" rings

We have excellent relationships spanning decades with our suppliers and thus have preferred bulk pricing which we pass along to you. We can source out your fabric needs with both domestic and import options. If we don’t have it we can get it!

After being in business since 1983, we have many “odds and ends” and some “dead stock” and items made of these fabrics are extremely cost efficient. If these materials may fit your needs, just ask what we might have available at the time of order.