Manufacturing Capabilities at ZipTight™

Industries We Have Manufactured For

ZipTight™ custom sewing, custom design generally specializes in manufacturing (and repairing) samples, pre-production samples, or productions runs of large pieces made of light weight fabric (or smaller pieces of heavy weight fabrics) for the industrial and commercial market.

Some examples of items we have built include but are not limited to those listed in the table below.

  • OEM
  • sporting goods
  • music/entertainment
  • wind screens / weather screens
  • trade show security covers
  • mall pushcarts /kiosks/RMU (Retail Merchandising Units) units
  • porous wind/weather screens
  • shade canopies for arenas, ball fields, tennis courts, sports complexes, driving ranges, playgrounds, horse arenas, etc.
  • stage draping for indoor and outdoor stages
  • padded and non-padded cases and dust covers for music equipment, speakers, stands, etc.
  • parasails (ascending parachutes for the boat) and parasail repairs
  • race car/stock car equipment
  • large flags/ banners / signage
  • automotive aftermarket sewed goods
  • outdoor patio covers
  • collapsible, portable storage units
  • portable/removable demising walls for restaurant, bars and constructions sites
  • weather resistant covers for damaged roofs
  • marine
  • automotive
  • landscape
  • general industrial
  • banner/signs
  • landscape ground cover
  • roofs for outdoor stages
  • fire rescue and police equipment
  • bungee sport equipment
  • sport body harnesses
  • awnings (indoor and outdoor)
  • statute unveiling covers
  • billboard unveiling covers
  • storage bags
  • swimming pool covers
  • trade show displays
  • pet products like harnesses, collars, leashes, beds etc.
  • tree harnesses for landscape businesses

The items that ZipTight™ generally is NOT set up to build are apparel, small intricate samples, kids toys, small personal items like hats, headbands, purses or small gym bags.

Now having said all that if you have the slightest doubt, then contact our sales department and just ask if the item you need is something we could possibly build. If we can’t do it, we may have a referral or recommendation of a company that can service your needs. No job is generally too large or too small.

Turn-Around & Deadlines

We all here at ZipTight™ take your requests very seriously and with the utmost professional courtesy. We treat each and every customer how we would like to be treated. Thus, we strive for some of the quickest turn-around in the country. Many times we can service you needs same day or certainly within a few days for small projects.

We stay adequately staffed to handle last minute business so you have it when you ask for it. The only time we will refuse work is when we do not have the expertise or capability (the type of work is just not our specialty) or if it is not humanly possible to fulfill your request. All other requests are usually accepted.

We take your deadlines very seriously. We will set realistic deadlines with you and then stick to them. We always tell you what you need to hear rather than what you might want to hear. Barring any major unforeseen or unanticipated circumstances, we meet all of the clients deadlines on or before due date. If you have a very short fuse on a project, give us a call and we will reconfigure our productions schedule whenever possible to accommodate “emergencies”.

Helping You Contain Costs

Normally, we prefer at least several weeks to complete projects whenever possible. This allows for a very realistic time schedule to perhaps search out and procure special fabrics/materials and allow adequate time for unanticipated or unforeseen circumstances that might arise. This also allows us to help you contain costs as we have adequate time to “shop” the market for you and order specialty fabrics from the most economical suppliers with ground delivery as opposed to air delivery. Extremely large or complicated projects may require even more lead time. If you are in doubt, just call our friendly sales staff and ask.