About ZipTight™, Custom Design & Sewing

ZipTight™ is an off-shoot of a corporation founded in 1983. It began as a catch-all to accommodate various sewing needs of the commercial and private marketplace. It is housed in a free-standing industrial building and has several different types of sewing machines which accommodate most any need: double needle, single needle, zigzag and harness, surger. And, if we do not have the equipment to do the job we are happy to procure the equipment that is necessary. Our fabrication capabilities include but are not limited to: grommets, zippers, snaps, hooks, “D”-rings, buckles, webbing, Velcro, cordage, taping, etc.

Experts In Fabrication & Materials

What makes ZipTight™ unique is the imagination and vision which backs every product we build. We have an excellent track record of tackling even the most difficult projects with zeal and enthusiasm as we are experts in fabrication and materials. We explore every possible way to say “yes” to our clients and to solve their project needs ON TIME with thoughtful and introspective consideration. Because of our dedication to our clients and taking their needs so seriously, they have become dependent on us to perform the seemingly impossible under seemingly impossible time constraints.

We are extremely willing to “go the extra mile” and we have developed a reputation of “saving our clients them from themselves” by forecasting and forewarning of potential pitfalls or problems which could cost them unnecessary money and time delay. We combine this drive with over several decades of hardcore manufacturing, design and fabricating experience in accomplishing the almost impossible.

The Security Cover We designed Is Now the “Standard “ In the Industry

Many of our clients have very difficult needs and not knowing anything about sewing and our capabilities they put their trust in our expertise to cheerfully tackle and solve their problems with ergonomic (user friendly) and cost effective solutions. An example of this was a manufacturing client that approached us about 30+ years ago which had designed a new merchandising unit (kiosk, RMU, pushcart) to be rented in shopping malls. This was a portable, mobile cart to be placed in the aisle of malls which could be rented to small, temporary tenants. They came to us to help them solve the problem of securing the merchandise on a cart overnight when the mall was closed. These carts were unusually shaped and had a constantly changing design to accommodate various mall design elements. We invented a merchandise cover design which was cost effective (cheapest alternative to do the job), well-built, compact and very user friendly. This “security cover” we designed is now the “standard “ in the industry and we have manufactured many, many thousands over the years. The chances are our security covers have been your neighborhood mall for many, many years and we are the “behind the scenes OEM supplier".

We specialize in custom sewing, industrial sewing, commercial sewing, contract sewing, sample sewing, prototype sewing, fabrication, sewing fabrication, design and development of sewed goods.